Dibrugarh District, Assam, Imposes Dry Days to Tighten Liquor Restrictions


Dibrugarh district in Assam has announced stringent measures to curb the sale and consumption of alcohol, with District Magistrate Bikram Kairi declaring dry days starting from 5:00 P.M. on April 17, 2024. These restrictions will remain in effect until 5:00 P.M. on April 19, 2024.

The decision to impose dry days comes amidst efforts to maintain law and order and prevent any untoward incidents that may arise due to alcohol consumption. By prohibiting the sale and serving of alcoholic beverages for a specified period, local authorities aim to promote public safety and wellbeing.

District Magistrate Bikram Kairi emphasized the importance of these measures in maintaining peace and tranquility within the district. The enforcement of dry days is part of a broader strategy to address concerns related to alcohol abuse and its potential impact on social harmony.

While the declaration of dry days may inconvenience some individuals, it is seen as a necessary step to safeguard the interests of the community as a whole. By temporarily restricting access to alcohol, authorities hope to mitigate the risks associated with excessive drinking, including public disturbances and accidents.

It is essential for residents and businesses within Dibrugarh district to comply with the imposed restrictions during the specified period. Any violation of the order may result in legal consequences, as authorities are committed to ensuring strict enforcement of the directive.

In addition to declaring dry days, local authorities are also taking proactive measures to address the root causes of alcohol-related issues. This includes raising awareness about the harmful effects of excessive drinking and providing support services for individuals struggling with alcohol dependence.

As the enforcement of dry days takes effect, residents are urged to cooperate with law enforcement agencies and adhere to the regulations outlined by District Magistrate Bikram Kairi. By working together to uphold these measures, the community can contribute to creating a safer and more conducive environment for all.

Ultimately, the decision to declare dry days reflects the commitment of local authorities to prioritize the welfare of residents and maintain order within the district. Through proactive measures and community engagement, efforts are underway to address alcohol-related challenges and promote a healthier, more secure community for everyone.



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