Dignified Mass Burial Held in Kangpokpi Amidst 12-Hour Shutdown


In a poignant event in Manipur, a mass burial program was organized for 19 bodies of the Kuki-Zo community at the Martyr’s Cemetery in Phaijang village, located approximately 20 km from Kangpokpi district headquarters. The solemn ceremony unfolded amidst a 12-hour shutdown imposed by a tribal outfit, emphasizing the community’s unity and grief.

Predominantly Kuki-Zo Community in Kangpokpi District

Kangpokpi district, where the event took place, is predominantly inhabited by the Kuki-Zo community. The mass burial was part of the efforts to lay to rest the bodies of 60 Kuki-Zo community members in their respective resting places.

Remaining Bodies Await Burial Next Week

While 19 bodies were laid to rest in the Martyr’s Cemetery, the remaining 41 bodies, along with 24 others from the Churachandpur Medical College morgue, are scheduled for burial next week near Khuga Tampak. The process is a collective endeavor involving various community bodies and authorities.

The mass burial program was organized by the Committee on Tribal Unity, Sadar Hills, and a proactive Kuki civil body in Kangpokpi. The theme chosen for the event was poignant – “You sacrifice your today for our tomorrow.” This reflects the collective grief and acknowledgment of the sacrifices made by the departed members of the community.

Shutdown Impacts Daily Activities

In response to the 12-hour shutdown declared for the funeral service, various establishments and institutions in Kangpokpi district, including shops, businesses, educational institutes, and offices, remained closed on Friday. The shutdown aimed to provide a dedicated period for the funeral service and honor the departed with the highest burial rites.

Tribal Unity Emphasized in the Ceremony

Hundreds of tribals participated in the mass burial program, emphasizing the unity and strength of the Kuki-Zo community. The Committee on Tribal Unity (CoTU) stated, “We honor our fallen Kuki-Zo brethrens with the highest burial rites at Martyr Cemetery,” underlining the respect and reverence accorded to those who have lost their lives.



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