DJ Prithvi Sai completes 15 Years in the Music Industry.

DJ Prithvi Sai

Adding another feather to his already overflowing cap, the youngest DJ in Asia celebrates 15 years of a remarkable journey at the age of 25.

DJ Prithvi Sai, who has completed a successful decade and a half in the industry at the age of 25, began his journey at 10 in 2008. He uncovered his profound devotion to music, especially blending classical masterpieces with modern sounds. It was the very moment the fate of the youngest South Asian DJ was determined. Following where his heart led him, he pursued the ignited flame of producing music within him, which shaped his musical journey in the coming years. Fifteen years of success in the industry speak volumes about his hard work and dedication.

Hailing from Hyderabad, Telangana, Prithvis’ approachable, engaging, and charismatic personality was welcomed wholeheartedly by audiences; by 11, he had become the baby face main eventing in top clubs from Chandigarh to Cochin. ‘I don’t recall stopping once I started playing at the age of 10; it has to be that level of obsession for anyone to make it to the top,’ expressed Prithvi at the celebration party. At just thirteen, he had an international album, Master Blast, to his name. The DJ has composed music for the great Indian actor, politician, director, and philanthropist Pawan Kalyan.

Prithvi rendered his services for the film Login remixing three songs at 14. Also, the official DJ of the Spinland Music Festival in 2016, he has had the rare privilege of sharing the stage with big names in Indian music early in his career. He has collaborated with Honey Singh, Arijit Singh, Aly & Fila, Heat Hunterz, Marnik, and Gregor Salto, among many other acclaimed artists.

Prithvi Sai has had a stellar first half of the year with back-to-back hit album releases. He kicked off 2023 on an all-time high with a New Year’s treat for fans as he released The Big Bangers, which left the audience in a frenzy. It was the top choice at all New Year’s parties, with an extensive list that suited the preferences of all. ‘The response was unreal; I had to gather myself for another surprise for the fans,’ said the EDM artist at the promotional event of his second album, The Bangers Volume 2, released recently.

‘Learning from the legends I admired has been a game changer. There is no one better out there than them to learn from. My music is a reflection of the music gurus who have helped shape my musical journey. At the same time, I contain my unique style and persona,’ Prithvi added when speaking about the working experience with world-renowned artists.

Undoubtedly, he is the number one choice to be featured at parties across India and has created a worldwide fan base. ‘I have one aim: to take Indian music wherever I go; there is none like it,’ Prithvi spoke of his future plans in the industry.

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