Dr. Manik Saha Completes One Year as CM of Tripura, Celebrated with Warm Wishes and Accomplishments


Dr. Manik Saha, the Chief Minister of Tripura, marked his first year in office amidst a flood of greetings and good wishes. Cabinet colleagues, high-ranking officials, and party leaders extended their congratulations to the Chief Minister. Social media platforms also buzzed with well-wishes over the past few days, recognizing his tenure as a milestone in the state’s governance. Dr. Saha, a doctor-turned-politician, assumed office on May 15, succeeding Biplab Kumar Deb. During his first year, Tripura witnessed improvements in law and order, successful assembly elections, and a series of significant achievements and developmental initiatives under Dr. Saha’s leadership.

Following victory in the previous assembly polls, Dr. Manik Saha was sworn in as Chief Minister for the first time on May 15 of the previous year. This marked a turning point for Tripura, with the doctor-turned-politician assuming the responsibility of leading the state. However, his second term as Chief Minister began on March 8 of the current year. The inauguration ceremony was graced by esteemed dignitaries, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, BJP chief J.P. Nadda, and other prominent leaders.

Under Dr. Saha’s leadership, Tripura has witnessed notable improvements in the law and order situation. The Chief Minister’s proactive approach and focus on maintaining peace and security have resulted in a more secure environment for the citizens. Furthermore, the state successfully conducted the last assembly elections, which were characterized by fairness, transparency, and peaceful proceedings. This achievement reflects the Chief Minister’s commitment to ensuring democratic processes and facilitating the participation of all eligible voters.

The government led by Dr. Manik Saha has achieved significant milestones and introduced numerous development initiatives during his tenure. Some notable accomplishments include an increase in social pensions up to Rs. 2000, ensuring enhanced financial support to vulnerable sections of society. Additionally, the government prioritized the recruitment of all TET-qualified aspirants, promoting quality education and employment opportunities. The release of a 17 percent Dearness Allowance (DA) for government employees demonstrates the Chief Minister’s commitment to the welfare of public servants.

Dr. Saha’s administration has also focused on enhancing the state’s infrastructure and public services. Noteworthy initiatives include the establishment of a Dental College to cater to the healthcare needs of the population and the launch of the ‘Amar Sarkar’ web portal, streamlining government services and improving accessibility for citizens. The successful hosting of the first S20 event under the G20 framework showcased Tripura’s potential on a global platform. The establishment of a smart training center under the Digital Tripura initiative reflects the Chief Minister’s vision of leveraging technology for efficient governance.

The Chief Minister has actively promoted good governance through the ‘Prati Ghore Sushasan’ campaign, emphasizing transparency, accountability, and citizen-centric administration. Furthermore, an important milestone was reached with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the establishment of a new medical college in Dhalai district, enhancing healthcare facilities and medical education in the region.

Connectivity has been a key focus area for Dr. Manik Saha’s government. Tripura has witnessed significant development in highway infrastructure, facilitating smoother transportation and better connectivity within the state. The Chief Minister’s emphasis on connectivity has opened up avenues for economic growth, tourism, and overall regional development. In addition, the Tripura Police, under the Chief Minister’s directives



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