Dr. Raja Thangappan acknowledged as one of the 50 MOST INNOVATIVE INDIVIDUALS’23 in the field of education


Dr. Raja Thangappan Among the Top 50 Innovators in Education

At the Global Education Conclave 2023, Dr. Raja Thangappan was hailed as one of the ’50 Most Innovative People in Education’ for his extraordinary and outstanding contribution in the field of education, recognizing his dedication to the pursuit of knowledge.

Dr. Raja Thangappan, Director of Indomed Educare Private Limited has made tremendous contributions in the field of medical education, helping in fulfilling the dreams of many Indian students. This journey, though challenging has been made possible through his relentless hard work and a deep-seated passion for transforming medical education.

As the saying goes, ‘Our achievements are shaped by the strength of the foundation we lay.’ He has established an incredibly strong foundation through his relentless hard work and excellence in his endeavors. His goal is to offer high-quality education to Indian students at an affordable cost and to contribute significantly to the production of qualified, skilled doctors for the country. As a result, he has successfully produced over 5,000+ skilled and well-trained doctors serving the people.

Hardwork, commitment and dedication to one’s work are the bedrock of every achievement. In this respect, he possesses a remarkable combination of these qualities, which has earned him a series of prestigious awards and glory. Notably, he has received awards such as the International Glory Award and the Champions of Change Award, recognizing his outstanding contributions to various fields. Additionally, his remarkable achievements have led to his inclusion in the list of India’s top 10 dynamic CEOs for the year 2022. These honors truly speak to his exceptional achievements in the field of education and his significant contributions to the betterment of society.

He firmly believes that such achievements cannot be attained without strong passion and a deep commitment to the service. With a strong belief in this, he shows his determination to keep putting in his very best in the field. His ultimate goal is to elevate the status of India as a global hub for top-tier medical education, aiming to produce some of the world’s finest medical professionals.

His extraordinary commitment to education and medical training has not only earned him recognition but has also positively impacted the lives of numerous students and contributed to the betterment of Indian society.



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