Arambai Tenggol Imposes Ban on Election Campaigns in Manipur


Arambai Tenggol (AT), a prominent Meitei socio-cultural organization, declared a ban on election campaigns in Manipur ahead of the two-phase Lok Sabha elections scheduled for April 19 and April 29.

Ban on Extravagant Campaigning

All forms of election campaigns characterized by extravagance have been prohibited in the state, as stated in a release signed by Saishram Robertson, Arambai Tenggol Control Room Operation.

The installation of loudspeakers or sound amplifiers at public places as part of election campaigns, leading to noise pollution, has been strictly prohibited in the run-up to the elections.

Arambai Tenggol has directed political parties and candidates to refrain from hoisting party/candidate flags, a traditional royal-era ritual marking the commencement of election campaigns in Manipur.

Political parties and candidates have been instructed to halt door-to-door campaigns, political meetings, and rallies as per Arambai Tenggol’s directives.

Furthermore, voters have been cautioned against indulging in lavish feasts after accepting money from candidates under the guise of election campaigns.

Manipur comprises two Lok Sabha seats: the Outer Manipur Parliamentary constituency reserved for scheduled tribes and the Inner Manipur Parliamentary constituency.



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