Rajiv Kumar

Chairman of RV Lifesciences Limited Dr. Rajiv Kumar Sharma awarded with Honorary Doctorate by OPJS University , Rajasthan – India in a ceremony held on 17th Dec 2022.

Dr. Rajiv Kumar Sharma was presented an Honorary Doctorate of INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS for distinguished service to the field through technological leadership, innovation and transformation.

Dr. Joginder Singh , Chancellor of University congratulated Dr Rajiv on his significant contribution in International Business specially in Pharma Industry. He said “Dr. Rajiv Kumar Sharma has made an outstanding contribution to Pharma Industry & Business as an exemplary executive leader, making him a worthy recipient of the Honorary Doctor of International Business.” 

Dr. Rajesh Pathak – Vice Chancellor of University , RJ Aarti Malhotra from All India Radio, Dr. Tilak Tanwar – Author & Guinness World Record Holder & other eminent personalities also graced the event.  

Dr. Rajiv expressed his deep gratitude for the honour & said “I believe that actions should speak louder than words & always works on this principle. This honorary doctorate will inspire me to serve the World & Pharma Industry more passionately. I thank you University as well as my well-wishers who always push me to achieve better in life” 

Dr. Rajiv Kumar Sharma, a charismatic leader with a keen eye for financial prospects and the capacity to take calculated risks, who is currently associated with 3 Companies and was previously associated with 2 others – RV Lifesciences Limited, Ametheus Commodities Private Limited.

He is the Chairman of RV Lifesciences Limited Director of Rvtelpha Healthcare Private Limited, Winston Pharmaceuticals Limited, Reliv Healthcare Private Limited. With his over 30 years of experience in pharmaceuticals, he has taken RV Group to the height it is today, the leading face of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare, as its Managing Director. He has established a large executive group by exemplifying high-level entrepreneurship, trust, and empowerment.

After consolidating its position as a leading player in the Pharmaceutical Industry, R V Group, the Flagship company of the group has its presence in 14 countries across the globe as a valuable Pharmaceutical Formulations manufacturer and marketer. It is an international pharmaceutical company with a significant presence in the ASEAN and CIS regions including headquarters in Singapore. With over 3000 employees in 12 offices in 7 countries, spanning across India, Myanmar, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam, RV Group represents many multinational companies in South East Asia like Mylan (Vitalis), Glenmark, Cipla, Lupin, MSN, Sandoz, Natco, and so on.

It was in 2006, when Dr. Rajiv started the RV Group, with its first client – Lupin – Vietnam, Nevertheless, in just a few years, he has made into the leading face of the Healthcare Sector in ASEAN region. After a decade of success, in which they launched the OTC product line in 2008, Established companies in Southeast Asia by 2010, Entered Partnership with renowned MPC ELEAS, Do Pharma, Acquisitioned one of the largest manufacturing units in Myanmar from UMEHL, BRV Pharma as well as ATRA Pharmaceuticals & Winston Pharmaceuticals.

In 2019, they embarked on their journey in the CIS region, and successfully acquisitioned one of the leading and oldest pharmaceutical firms in Vietnam, OPV Pharmaceuticals, in 2021.