Dr. Thejo Kumari Amudala Celebrated with Padma Bhushan for Her Pioneering Social Work


Dr. Thejo Kumari Amudala, renowned for her diverse contributions to society, was recently honored with the prestigious Rashtriya Padma Bhushan Award in a grand ceremony held in Delhi. This accolade was bestowed upon her in recognition of her extensive work in eradicating illiteracy, advancing women’s empowerment, promoting global peace, and upholding human rights.

The ceremony was a vibrant affair, attended by luminaries from various fields, including government officials, industry leaders, and celebrities. Notably, Diya Mirza, Miss Asia Pacific International 2000 and a distinguished actress, was among the attendees, offering her congratulations to Dr. Amudala. The presence of such figures highlighted the broad and significant impact of Dr. Amudala’s efforts.

In addition to her recent title as Ms. Universe 2022, Dr. Amudala has been a formidable advocate for those marginalized in society, utilizing her platform to drive change and foster equality. Her initiatives have not only provided practical solutions but have also inspired countless others to engage in community service and advocacy.

The Rashtriya Padma Bhushan Award is a testament to Dr. Amudala’s enduring commitment and success in her multifaceted roles. The celebration in Delhi was not just an event to honor her achievements but also a reflection of the profound respect and admiration that she commands across the nation and beyond.



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