Dr. Vijay D Bajaj & Dr.Jyoti V.Bajaj: A Brain Activation Coach and Educator


In the latest interaction with Dr. Vijay D Bajaj & Dr. Jyoti V. Bajaj, the Founder and President of WAC People Council (World against Corruption), Co-founder of WAC Global Human Rights Foundation, Editor of WAC Book of Records International, Chief Editor of the WAC Global Book of Records, and Founder and President of Child Brain Gym ( CBG Edu International Pvt. Ltd.).

Naturally, a child’s mental needs are equally vital, just like their physical needs. It is essential to develop their social skills, clarity of thought, and comprehensive learning of a new skill. Just like the movement of the physical body; through various activities builds a healthy body of a child. Training, multiple activities leads to the development of brain structure which helps with brain activation. And this is an area where a brain activation coach assists in developing the child’s mental growth through a variety of activities.

Dr. Vijay D Bajaj & Dr. Jyoti V. Bajaj is such a brain activation coach and educator whose mission is to reach each child globally to show them the power of Brain activation. Besides this, their goal is to give access to strength one can gain with the help of brain activation along with the promotion and recognition of each person working in the field.

Dr. Vijay & Dr. Jyoti as brain activation coach and educator made an effort to perform to the best professional abilities, knowledge, and experience with the up-gradation of a child’s current skills. Where they could specialize in terms of learning and teaching something new with an experience which in turn could give an added advantage in the growth and success of the organization and benefit all the children in the development of their mental growth. They stated, “As a brain activation coach and educator, we have two strategic visions firstly we pledge to make each child mentally and morally activated and self-dependent to face the day-to-day activities. and secondly, every child has their hidden strength, so we want to make them aware of their hidden strength by helping them recognize their point of strength.”

Dr. Vijay D Bajaj‘s National and International Organization Positions:
– Dean and Country Head – United College of Brazil
– Goodwill Ambassador for Anti-Corruption – Worlds sports Martial Arts Council, USA
– Representative Asia Region -Arbitrators Media Information, Nigeria
– Secretary Central Board in India – World Anti- Narcotics Council, Indonesia
– Honorary Member – World International Economic Group
– Country Head, India – LEAD Philippines
– World peace Ambassador – Humanity Protection Trust
– Ambassador -Asian continent –Global Socio-Economic and Financial Evolution Network
– National President India – Shri Dada Saheb Phalke International Award Film Foundation, India
-Climate Action Advocate – Climate Action through Education, Philippines
– Commander in Chief Asia Region – International Crimefighters and Allies, Ghana (West Africa)
– Country Head, India – African Festival Foundation, Ghana (West Africa)
– Board of Directors, Director of Innovation – Virtual University for International Relations
– International Advisor – International Security and strategy studies College Nigeria

Dr.Jyoti V.Bajaj’s National and International Organization Achievements :


-National Co-ordinator India – Shri Dada Saheb Phalke International Awards Film Foundation.

-Country Vice President India – LEAD, Philippines

-Rewarded with the Certificate of Appreciation by the Presidential Advisory Board, USA for recognition of her Services promoting humanity and Peace.

-Goodwill Ambassador for Social Welfare – WORLD SPORTS MARTIAL ARTS COUNCIL – USA CLAIM TO FAME
-Felicitated as Presidential Youth Fitness Award by the former president of the USA, Hon. Donald Trump.
-Rewarded with the certificate of Appreciation by the Presidential Advisory Board, USA for recognition of his services promoting humanity and peace.
– Honoured with the Certificate of Appreciation by Federal Police Chaplain International (USA) for contribution by promoting humanity and peace to society worldwide.
– Recipient of Identity Card by various National and International Organizations as proof of qualification.
– Appointed as the Goodwill Ambassador for Anti-corruption by World Sports Martial Arts Council
– Honoured with Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of the valuable contribution by the World Sports Martial Arts Council.
-Honoured with the letter of Appreciation for Voluntary service towards Humanity and Peace by the Minister of Youth Affairs and sports of the Government International United Kingdom Association Commonwealth.
– Ranked as the honorary Lt Colonel of India by International Police Forum for contribution by promoting humanity and peace to society worldwide.
– Appointed by Arbitrators Media Information as Representative of their Arbitration, Mediation, and Media Information Agency.
– Recipient of seven Honorary Doctorate Awards by seven different National and International Organizations.

Dr. Vijay’s & Dr. Jyoti’s contribution to society knows no bound. Even during Pandemic, They conducted various online Global conferences on behalf of the World Against Corruption People Council (WAC) on multiple themes such as Pollution Free World, Women in leadership and protection of Girl Child, corruption awareness campaign, Nature awareness campaign, and so on. The Jaw-dropping contribution of Dr. Vijay & Dr. Jyoti in the society worldwide is paving a path of rising in peace amidst the global Pandemic and significant changes. Even in the future, they pledge to continue to do their best by playing a constructive role for the peace and humanity of the entire world.

    Website: wacindia.org , childbraingym.com



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