Dr. Vivek Bindra was not Arrested, the news spread on social media was fake


Faridabad: Faridabad police have confirmed that the news of motivational speaker Dr Vivek Bindra being detained is completely fake. According to the police, he was not taken into custody and it was misinformation. Rumours about Dr Bindra being taken into custody inside the Faridabad court were doing rounds for the past few days which are completely untrue. As per those rumours, he was accused of making videos inside the court premises due to which his mobile was confiscated. Regarding this, Faridabad Police Spokesperson, Sube Singh said, “Police had checked Vivek Bindra’s mobile phone and no such video was found in it. There is no truth in the news about his detention and it was just a rumour.”

Dr Bindra is the founder and CEO of a Startup called Bada Business Pvt Ltd. He runs the world’s largest entrepreneurial YouTube channel with over 20 million subscribers and holds more than 10 world records in his name. Dr Bindra went to court regarding a domestic matter.



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