Drunken Youths Cause Disturbance at Guwahati Guest House on Christmas Day


Amidst the Christmas festivities in Guwahati, the serenity of the season was disrupted as inebriated youths created chaos at an AIRBNB guest house in the Lakhinagar area. The incident unfolded in the early hours of Tuesday, prompting concerned locals to seek police intervention to restore order.

Festivities Disrupted by Unruly Youths

As the city embraced the joy of Christmas, the tranquility of the Lakhinagar area was shattered by the unruly behavior of some intoxicated youths at an AIRBNB guest house. The disturbance prompted local residents to take action and alert the police to address the situation

Unhappy Locals and Police Inaction

Discontent with the perceived inaction of the police, the aggrieved locals took matters into their own hands. Surrounding the police patrol vehicle, they staged a peaceful protest, demanding effective measures to control the situation at the guest house and alleviate the disturbance faced by the neighborhood.

Ongoing Investigation

While the initial reports shed light on the disruption caused by the drunken youths, a comprehensive understanding of the incident awaits further details. The community anxiously anticipates additional information to clarify the circumstances surrounding the disturbance and the actions taken by the authorities to address the concerns raised by the locals.



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