Eastern Naga Students Burn Effigies of PM Modi, Shah, BJP Chief Nadda

Effigies of PM Modi Amit Shah and JP Nadda burned

Eastern Naga students demonstrated their discontent by burning effigies of Prime Minister Modi, Home Minister Shah, and BJP chief Nadda. The protest, organized by Eastern Naga Students’ Federation, saw participants expressing their grievances against the government’s policies, particularly regarding the ongoing Naga peace talks.

The students lit the effigies as a symbolic gesture of their frustration with what they perceive as the central government’s failure to address the concerns of the Naga people. They voiced their dissatisfaction with the lack of progress in the peace talks between the government and Naga rebel groups, which have been ongoing for decades.

The protest, held in various locations across Eastern Nagaland, drew attention to the issues faced by the region, including underdevelopment, unemployment, and the marginalization of indigenous communities. The students accused the government of neglecting their demands for greater autonomy and recognition of their cultural identity.

The burning of effigies was accompanied by slogans denouncing the central government and its leaders for their perceived indifference towards the plight of the Naga people. Participants called for greater inclusivity in the peace talks and urged the government to address the longstanding grievances of the Naga community.

More About The Protests

The protest comes at a time of heightened tensions in the region, with various Naga groups expressing frustration over the lack of progress in the peace process. Many feel that the central government has not taken their concerns seriously and are demanding greater transparency and accountability in the negotiations.

The Eastern Naga Students’ Federation has vowed to continue their agitation until their demands are met. They have called for widespread support from other Naga organizations and civil society groups to pressure the government into taking concrete steps towards resolving the longstanding issues facing the Naga people.

In response to the protest, government officials have reiterated their commitment to the peace process and have urged all stakeholders to engage constructively in dialogue. They have assured the Naga community that their concerns will be addressed through a democratic and inclusive process.

However, the burning of effigies underscores the deep-rooted frustration and disillusionment among many Naga youth, who feel marginalized and neglected by the central government. The protest serves as a stark reminder of the challenges facing India’s northeastern region and the urgent need for meaningful dialogue and reconciliation to address longstanding grievances and foster lasting peace and stability.



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