EduCare Taiwan’s Vision for Indian Students : True Story of Debraj Banerjee


From the tranquil town of Purulia to the fore-front of cutting-edge research in Taiwan, Debraj’s story is truly inspiring. This 26-year-old man carved his own path in academia in Taiwan, adeptly navigating the growing opportunities between India and Taiwan.

Attracted by Taiwan’s advanced research capabilities, which he first encountered during an exchange program in 2019, the ambitious scholar from KIIT, Odisha, was drawn to this small island nation.

Taiwan, a hub of innovation, Banerjee found not just an insight into the academic excellence of a developed nation in fields like Semiconductors, but also an opportunity to advance his career without financial burdens weighing on his family. With the support of a full tuition waiver and a stipend, Banerjee dedicated himself to his Master’s and PhD studies at Chang Gung University(CGU) in Reliability Science and Technology , one of the most lucrative engineering disciplines.

His research work earned him the best paper award at the 2023 Taiwan ESD and Reliability Conference at NCTU. He has been acknowledged as a Top 12 contender in the Yula Cup CADMEN in Taiwan and is a recipient of the SIPGA Fellowship at NMC, Singapore.

Banerjee’s story is one of many as a number of students have been steered and supported by Educare Taiwan to achieve their goals. Huilin Chen, the CEO and the Founder of Education Taiwan, a Taiwanese married and living in India, started this platform for students like Banerjee. Chen creates a shared vision of fostering academic excellence, established for hardworking students like Banerjee and provides opportunities to become a beacon for others seeking to make their future bright on their own.

This student-centric approach resonates with EduCare Taiwan’s larger narrative, which pivots on the premise that quality education should not be fettered by financial constraints. The lighthouse guides students—like Banerjee—to the shores of success, EduCare Taiwan, with a 100% admission rate and 98% of them are the recipients of tuition waivers.

EduCare Taiwan goes the extra mile to bridge understanding through their FREE webinar series, which has hosted 125+ sessions with 100+ top scientists across various cutting-edge fields like AI, machine learning, IC design, semiconductors, biotechnology, and biomedical research, granting Indian students unprecedented access to global thought leadership.

Why Taiwan?

  1. Affordability: Most Indian students are able to complete their PhD degree under Rs. 3 lakhs and Master’s degree under Rs. 8 lakhs in Taiwan with generous scholarships to an educational curriculum that is synchronised with industry demand and opportunities.

The provided charts compare the return on investment (ROI) in higher education between Taiwan and the United States

*Taiwan’s average annual cost is $15,000, compared to the $45,000 in the USA.

* The ROI ratio is more favourable for Taiwan, meaning you get a better and a faster return on your investment due to High salary in the job market and low expenditure for your education.

2. High Quality Education: In the 2023 QS World University Rankings, Taiwan has five universities in the top 500, while India has only two. The top Taiwanese university is National Taiwan University, which ranks 43rd in the world, while IIT Bombay, the top Indian university, ranks 172nd in the world.

Conclusion: Choosing the Right Battle

Students must carefully choose their educational paths especially in times of high education investment with uncertain job markets. With Asia emerging as a leader in technological advancements and economic growth, it’s about making a strategic choice that will shape their future in an era of economic power shifting from West to East, from the emphasis in global trading to local productions.

The distinction between an ordinary education and an extraordinary one lies in the nuances of experience and exposure. EduCare Taiwan is not merely the education consultancy which provides unique education opportunities to Indian students for PhD & Masters. It’s the outcomes—embodied in success stories like Banerjee’s—woven through the intricate fabric of industry collaborations and academic excellency that EduCare Taiwan effortlessly brings together.



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