eGov Foundation and Compliance Professionals Plc Collaborate to Enhance Governance in Nigeria through the DIGIT Technology Platform


eGov Foundation, a not-for-profit organization and Compliance Professionals has today announced the partnership to improve governance in Nigeria through open digital public infrastructure (DPI) deployments.

eGovernments Foundation and Compliance Professionals Plc collaborates to deploy DIGIT, a digital public good, for governance

The strategic collaboration between eGov Foundation and Compliance Professionals Plc will facilitate the implementation of eGov Foundations DIGIT, an open-source service delivery and governance platform, across federal, state, and public sector organizations in Nigeria. The primary objective of this partnership is to promote e-governance, ensure statutory compliance, optimize revenue generation, and enhance government performance.

Commenting on the partnership, Viraj Tyagi, CEO, eGov Foundation, said, “We are excited about the digital transformation possibilities in Nigeria leveraging the DIGIT platform and we are committed to providing the necessary support, documentation, and knowledge to facilitate this journey.”

Ms. Ifueko M. Omoigui Okauru, Managing Partner of Compliance Professionals Plc, added, “It is our belief that this partnership will foster a strong bond between eGov Foundation and Compliance Professionals Plc, and together, we will successfully achieve our common goal of improving governance in Nigeria. We will drive the transformative and institutional change required by government bodies in adopting the DIGIT Platform for effective e-governance.”

DIGIT is an open, interoperable, free-to-use platform that offers solutions for citizens, first-mile employees, administrators, commercial players and policymakers for delivering Citizen Services and improving Governance. The platform has been adopted by Government departments, Urban Local bodies and gained recognition as the platform of choice for delivering citizen services and enhancing governance. India’s National Urban Digital Mission (NUDM) also relies on the power of DIGIT to drive its initiatives.





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