Empowering Equivalent English skills to everyone – G D Aswinkumar English Empowerment Consultancy Private Limited


“G D Aswinkumar English Empowerment Consultancy Private Limited ‘ is a small start-up established in October 2022.

As of now, this aforementioned company owns a brand called ‘English Empowerment Consultancy’. 

“G D Aswinkumar English Empowerment Consultancy Private Limited” is founded by ‘G.D.Aswinkumar’, who is an active social media speaker since 2010. He self-published a book called ‘Most Motivational Quotes: A Staircase to script a successful life’ in 2019.

G.D. Aswin is touted to be a vocabulary expert, his social media posts vouch for the above statement. The core objective of his start-up is to “Equip and Enrich every people of this planet to enhance their English Vocabulary Knowledge”.

Present Mode of Business: 

B2C : By shedding the traditional video lesson concepts, “G.D.Aswinkumar English Empowerment Consultancy Private Limited Company” has adopted a different approach, by imparting vocabulary training on the messenger platforms like ‘Whatsapp Group’ & ‘Telegram Group’. The company monetizes the group content with the help of a creator platform called ‘Qoohoo’ (In the future, he has plans to expand his brand outreach using the other creator platforms too). 

The subscription charges are being laid out yearly by charging a minimal amount. 

Presently, this company is operating a WhatsApp teaching channel called “English Empowerment Consultancy”. This aforementioned channel is for any general public, who wants to broaden their English Skills. Apart from that, the company has plans to create a dedicated group for students who take up English Proficiency exams like TOEFL and IELTS.

B2B : In the coming days, the company has plans to set its footprints in the B2B segment by remaining as the English Service Partner.

Any kind of English speaker can join this company’s channel and ramp up their skills strongly.

Website: https://englishempowerment.in/



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