Former CM Of Tripura Biplab Deb Met With Accident Escaped Unhurt


Former Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb recently met with an accident and escaped unhurt. As per the reports, he was coming to Chnadigarh from Delhi on Monday. The accident took place in the middle of the road in the Panipat district. The car in which Biplab was sitting hit another car that was stopped due to a puncture on GT road. Biplab’s car was behind the stopped car, and then they got smashed.

Even after the accident, Biplab Deb was continuing his journey to Chandigarh safely. There is no clear information if there will be any actions on this or not.

Fortunately, no one is hurt, and everyone is safe. Only vehicles are damaged, and no further pieces of information are out yet. Biplab Kumar Deb is the former CM of Tripura and also is MP of Rajya Sabha along with the BJP in charge of Haryana.



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