Empowering Future Leaders: Amber Scholar Program Offers Prestigious Scholarships for UK Students


Amber, the leading global student accommodation platform, is delighted to announce the launch of the prestigious Amber Scholar program. The Amber Scholar program offers 10,000 in scholarship funds distributed across three categories. The first prize includes 5000, the second prize 3000, and the third prize 2000. This initiative aims to support students from diverse academic and socio-cultural backgrounds in pursuing higher education and recognition for their academic achievements and potential.

Amberstudent scholarship program worth 10,000 is open to students of any nationality or background who will study at a university in the UK

The scholarship program is open to students of any nationality or background who will study at a university in the UK. Students must also have acceptance letters from any program in the UK.

Students interested to apply can visit the Amber Scholar website and click on the “Apply now” button. They can submit their “Statement of Purpose” for the scholarship by completing the application form. The Statement of Purpose can be presented in various formats, such as video essays, screen-recorded presentations, or any graphical means preferred by the applicants. The tentative date to submit applications will be end of July.

Saurabh Goel, Founder & CEO at Amber said, “Amber is committed to empowering students and making quality education accessible to all,”. Through the Amber Scholar program, we aim to recognize and support exceptional students who have the potential to make a positive impact on society. We believe that by providing financial assistance and acknowledging their achievements, we can help them fulfil their academic aspirations and reach their utmost potential.

By encouraging students to articulate their ideas and showcase their potential, Amber aims to inspire the next generation of leaders and change-makers.

Important dates include the start of the application period on May 1, 2023, and the shortlisted candidates will be notified of the announcement in the near future. The winners of the scholarships will be announced at a later date.

For more information about the Amber Scholar program and to apply, please visit (Amber Scholar).

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