Ex-CM Biplab Deb, PCC chief Ashish Saha file nominations for West Tripura

Ex-CM Biplab Deb

Former Chief Minister Biplab Deb and Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) chief Ashish Saha have filed their nominations for the West Tripura constituency. This move marks a significant development in the political landscape of Tripura, with both candidates vying for electoral victory in the upcoming elections.

Biplab Deb, who served as the Chief Minister of Tripura from March 2018 to March 2023, is contesting on behalf of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). During his tenure, Deb initiated various developmental projects and policies aimed at improving the socio-economic condition of the state. His nomination reflects the BJP’s strategy to retain its stronghold in West Tripura and secure a favorable outcome in the elections.

On the other hand, Ashish Saha, the current PCC chief of Tripura, represents the Indian National Congress (INC). Saha, known for his grassroots-level activism and leadership skills, is determined to challenge the BJP’s dominance in the constituency. The Congress party is banking on Saha’s popularity and extensive support base to regain political ground in Tripura.

The filing of nominations by both Biplab Deb and Ashish Saha has intensified the electoral competition in West Tripura. As the election date draws nearer, political rallies, campaigns, and outreach programs are expected to escalate, with each candidate striving to garner maximum support from the electorate.

Moreover, the contest between the BJP and the Congress in West Tripura underscores the broader political dynamics in the region. The outcome of this electoral battle will not only shape the future representation of the constituency but also have implications for the overall political landscape of Tripura.

As the campaigning gains momentum, voters in West Tripura are closely observing the candidates’ agendas, promises, and vision for the development of the region. The electorate’s decision will ultimately determine the course of governance and representation in the constituency for the coming years.

The nomination filings of ex-CM Biplab Deb and PCC chief Ashish Saha signify the commencement of a keenly contested electoral battle in West Tripura. With both candidates vying for victory, the constituency is poised for a riveting electoral showdown in the days ahead.



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