Exclusive: Ashok Anil Cinemas Owner Reveals Plan to Donate ‘Adipurush’ Hanuman Seats to Temples


Introduction: In an exclusive interview, the owner of Ashok Anil Cinemas has unveiled a noble plan to preserve the iconic Hanuman seats featured in the film “Adipurush.” This article highlights the owner’s commitment to cultural preservation and the intention to donate these seats to temples once the film’s theatrical run concludes.

Preserving Cultural Significance: The owner of Ashok Anil Cinemas recognizes the cultural significance of the Hanuman seats created specifically for “Adipurush.” Rather than discarding them after the film’s screening, the owner aims to honor and preserve their importance by offering them to temples. This initiative showcases a thoughtful approach towards maintaining and propagating cultural heritage.

Supporting Temples and Religious Institutions: Through this act of donation, Ashok Anil Cinemas not only ensures the seats find a meaningful purpose but also demonstrates support for temples and religious institutions. The gesture signifies a collaborative effort to strengthen the bond between the film industry and spiritual centers, fostering a harmonious relationship.

Preserving Film Memorabilia: Film memorabilia holds immense sentimental value for fans and collectors. By repurposing the Hanuman seats from “Adipurush” and placing them in temples, Ashok Anil Cinemas acknowledges the enduring worth of these artifacts beyond the cinematic realm. This decision contributes to the preservation of film history and its connection to cultural heritage.

Inspiring Others in the Industry: Ashok Anil Cinemas’ owner sets an inspiring example for others in the film industry by prioritizing cultural preservation over commercial gains. This act encourages filmmakers, producers, and theater owners to consider similar initiatives that bridge the gap between cinema and traditional practices, fostering a sense of responsibility towards cultural legacies.

Conclusion: The exclusive interview with Ashok Anil Cinemas’ owner sheds light on their commendable plan to donate the iconic Hanuman seats from “Adipurush” to temples. This initiative exemplifies a commitment to cultural preservation, strengthens the relationship between the film industry and religious institutions, and inspires others to engage in similar acts of preserving cultural heritage.



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