Explosive Showdown as TSF Leads Demand for Roman Alphabet: Hon’ble Governor Promises Immediate Action


In a dramatic turn of events, the Twipra Students’ Federation (TSF) spearheaded a forceful memorandum submitted to the Hon’ble Governor of Tripura yesterday. The demand for the inclusion of the Roman Alphabet in the Kokborok Language has been a longstanding issue, stretching back a staggering 50 years.

Leading the charge, Mr. Samrat Debbarma, President of TSF, and Mr. Hamalu Jamatia, General Secretary of TSF, took center stage as they presented their grievances to the Governor. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation as TSF made a bold statement, leaving no room for ambiguity regarding their demands.

In a surprising twist, the Hon’ble Governor responded with utmost positivity, lending an attentive ear to the fervent pleas of TSF. Promising to take swift action, the Governor pledged to engage with the Tripura Government and initiate immediate discussions to address the matter at hand.

The tension-filled meeting between TSF and the Governor has set the stage for a potential breakthrough in the Kokborok Language issue. With the Governor’s assurance of immediate intervention, the fire of hope has been ignited, leaving the community eagerly anticipating the outcome.

As the news of this sensational showdown reverberates through the region, tensions are high and expectations soar. The fate of the Kokborok Language now lies in the hands of those in power, who have been urged to act swiftly and decisively to meet the long-overdue demands.

The coming days will reveal whether the Governor’s promises will transform into tangible action or dissipate into mere rhetoric. The eyes of the community remain fixated on this crucial development, eagerly awaiting justice for the Kokborok Language and the fulfillment of a half-century-old struggle.



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