Fatal Clash in Tripura: Five Arrested for Murder in Water Connection Dispute


In a tragic turn of events, Tripura Police apprehended five individuals in connection with the murder of Badal Tripura (32) over a dispute regarding a water connection in the Bagachatal area, Belonia sub-division, South District.

Water Connection Dispute Turns Deadly

The incident unfolded as a simmering disagreement between two families escalated into a fatal clash. The conflict centered around the supply of drinking water through the pipeline of the Atal Jal Mission.

Belonia Sub-divisional Police Officer (SDPO) Abhijit Das addressed the media, revealing that a murder complaint led to the detention of five suspects. He explained, “We received a complaint regarding a murder case, and following this, we detained five persons. The incident occurred over a dispute concerning water connection between two groups at Bagachatal under the Belonia sub-division. A scuffle ensued, resulting in severe injuries to Badal Tripura, who, despite being rushed to the hospital, succumbed to his injuries during treatment.”

Sources indicate that the police have filed a case against 12 individuals in connection with the murder, shedding light on the gravity of the incident.

Origin of the Conflict

The root cause of the conflict traces back to the families of Rajkumar Tripura and Badal Tripura, residing in neighboring houses. The dispute over the drinking water supply persisted until it culminated in a violent scuffle. Last Wednesday afternoon, the families clashed over the water supply facilitated by the Atal Jal Mission pipeline.

“The dispute continued until Thursday night. Finally, it turned into a scuffle. As a result of this quarrel, Badal Tripura, along with his brother and a few others, attacked Rajkumar Tripura’s house with sticks,” revealed a source.

The aftermath of the clash left four members of Rajkumar Tripura’s family injured, while Badal Tripura faced resistance, suffered severe injuries, and tragically lost his life during treatment at Belonia Sub-divisional Hospital. Multiple individuals involved in the altercation are currently undergoing medical treatment.

However, the incident took a political turn when Rajnagar BJP mandal president, Ranjit Sarkar, asserted that the murder was orchestrated by miscreants supported by the CPIM (Communist Party of India-Marxist).



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