Forest Land Encroachment Threat near Manu-Manpui Road Sparks High-Level Meeting


A high-level meeting has been scheduled at the state secretariat today to address the growing problem of encroachment on vast forest lands near Manu-Manpui Road in Kanchanpur. The meeting, organized on the instruction of Chief Minister Dr Manik Saha, will be attended by senior officials including the Director General of Police and the Principal Chief Conservator of Forest.

Around a month ago, a large number of surrendered extremists moved into the area and started encroaching on the land, constructing houses using forest products. So far, 1250 families of surrendered extremists have settled in the area, with more arriving. Additionally, they are indiscriminately cutting and destroying forest products.

The encroachment has posed serious challenges for the local people who used to depend on these forests for firewood and various vegetables. As a result, the local people have submitted a deputation demanding the immediate removal of the encroachers.

The upcoming high-level meeting aims to find a solution to this pressing issue and ensure the protection of forest lands for the benefit of the local communities and the environment.



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