Former SC Judge Condemns Manipur Violence


Former Supreme Court Judge, Justice KM Joseph, has expressed strong criticism against the ongoing ethnic violence in Manipur, stating that it tarnishes India’s secular image. The remarks were made during a lecture titled ‘Concept of Secularism Under Indian Constitution.’

Upholding Democracy and Secular Values:

Retired since June 2023, Justice Joseph, hailing from Kerala, emphasized the critical importance of secularism in upholding democracy in India. He invoked the Indian Constitution to caution against the exploitation of religion for political gains.

Justice Joseph pointed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s participation in the consecration ceremony of the Ram Temple at Ayodhya as an example of potential religious exploitation in politics.

In his lecture, Justice Joseph strongly condemned the violence in Manipur, which has resulted in numerous casualties and the destruction of over 200 religious sites since May 2023. He questioned the root cause of the conflicts, whether based on religious or tribal differences and asserted that such incidents undermine India’s commitment to secularism.

Justice Joseph highlighted the vital role of the media in reporting unbiased facts and called for unity among journalists to hold the government accountable. He underscored the media’s responsibility to uphold constitutional values and defend citizens’ rights against government overreach.

Justice Joseph reiterated the need for political neutrality concerning religion, emphasizing that religion should not influence electoral campaigns. He asserted that secularism requires the state to maintain neutrality and refrain from interfering in religious matters beyond what is necessary for public welfare.



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