Nine Agitators Arrested in Delhi Over Manipur Peace Demands


In a recent development, Delhi police have apprehended nine agitators from Manipur who were advocating for the early restoration of peace and harmony in the troubled state of Manipur.

Arrests Amid Hunger Strike

The hunger strike, spearheaded by Malem Thongam, a transgender individual and the president of the Lamyanba Irawat Memorial Integrated Trust (LIMIT), was disrupted by a team from the Burari police station in Delhi. Thongam, along with eight volunteers, was taken into custody around 5 pm on Thursday for allegedly violating Section 144 of the CrPC, which was enforced in front of the Arts Faculty at Delhi University.

The hunger strike was organized by LIMIT in collaboration with the Delhi Meitei Coordinating Committee (DMCC) and Manipuris residing in the national capital. Despite the arrests, reports indicate that the individuals detained are continuing their hunger strike within the police lockup.

During the protest, placards and banners bearing slogans such as “Hunger strike to restore peace and harmony in Manipur,” “Update NRC to Manipur,” “Abrogate SoO,” and “Restore peace in Manipur” were confiscated by the police from the protest site.

The arrests come amidst ongoing tensions and demands for peace in Manipur, with various groups and individuals advocating for measures to address the conflict and restore stability in the region.

The situation highlights the complexities surrounding peace efforts in Manipur and the challenges faced by those seeking to address the underlying issues contributing to the unrest.



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