Foundation Day of Employees Association Celebrated in Gandachara


In keeping with the entire state, the eighth foundation day of the Tripura State Employees’ Association was also celebrated in Gandachhara division on Monday. The flag of the organization was hoisted in front of the Gandachhara sub-divisional office of the employees’ union on Monday morning at seven o’clock Pusparga and garlands were then offered to the portrait of Dr. Tengriji, the founder of Bharat Mata and Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh. Fruits, sweets and water were distributed among the patients, health workers and private security guards of the hospital at 9 am on the occasion of the foundation day.

Subhash Chakma, Kulendra Riang, Ratan Pal, Satya Das, Pandav Chakma, leadership of Tripura State Employees’ Association Gandachhara sub-committee were present there. There, Subhash Chakma, one of the leaders of the organization, discussed the importance of the foundation day in detail.



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