Fresh Group Clashes in Churachandpur, Manipur: 30 Injured, Section 144 Imposed


In a recent about of violence, approximately 30 individuals sustained injuries during a group clash in and around Thingkangphi village of Churachandpur district, Manipur, on Monday night. The District Magistrate has responded by imposing Section 144 (2) of the Cr. P.C, effective until February 18, 2024, to curb the escalating tensions.

Origins of Clash: Kukis and Zomis Communities Clash Over Memorial Stone

The clash unfolded between two communities, the Kukis and Zomis, when the latter attempted to affix a Zomi community flag at a memorial stone in Thingkangphi village, Churachandpur, around 9:15 pm on Monday. The altercation quickly escalated, resulting in a significant number of injuries.

Section 144 Imposed

Law Enforcement Intervention: Tear Gas Shells Deployed to Control Situation

Prompted by the reports of the clash, the Churachandpur district police and Rapid Action Force swiftly arrived at the scene. Resorting to measures to control the situation, tear gas shells were deployed. Unfortunately, the intervention resulted in injuries, with four Zomis and two Kukis wounded in the direct clash, and approximately 25 individuals from both communities sustaining injuries due to tear gas shell firing.

Medical Response: Injured Rushed to Churachandpur District Hospital

The injured individuals were expeditiously transported to Churachandpur District Hospital for immediate medical attention and treatment. The gravity of the clash necessitated a swift medical response to address the injuries sustained by both communities.

Section 144 Imposed: District Magistrate Takes Preventive Measures

In response to the heightened tension, Dharun Kuma, IAS District Magistrate of Churachandpur district, exercised the authority vested under Section 144(2) of CrPC 1973. The prohibitory order, effective from December 18, 2023, to February 18, 2024, prohibits assemblies of five or more persons and the carrying of arms or any potentially lethal weapons within the specified area, encompassing Thingkangphi village and its adjacent regions.

Exemptions and Enforcement: Government Agencies Excluded from Prohibition

The Section 144 order explicitly exempts government agencies engaged in law enforcement, order maintenance, and essential services from the restrictions. This provision ensures that necessary government functions can continue without hindrance, despite the imposed prohibitory measures.



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