From Humble Beginnings to Digital Entrepreneurship: The Inspiring Journey of PollHit’s Founder Laxmichand V.


In an era dominated by ideas, PollHit emerged as a symbol of democracy, providing a platform for people to express themselves. Founded by entrepreneur Laxmichand V, it has become a prosperous digital community, shaping public discourse and promoting inclusivity.

Hailing from Godhra, Gujarat, India, Laxmichand V started his entrepreneurial journey early, learning from failures and driven by a desire to bring about change. Despite setbacks, he persevered, driven by his ambition to dream big.

However, facing the harsh realities of failure, he realized the importance of knowledge and experience in the competitive landscape. Undeterred by setbacks, Laxmichand persevered, driven by his unwavering commitment to dream big and make a difference.

During the pandemic, Laxmichand took the opportunity to hone his skills in digital marketing, leading to the birth of PollHit – an intuitive platform to express opinions and participate in polls.

PollHit gained momentum with its user-friendly interface and dedication to fostering healthy discussions. With a committed team, it continuously modernizes to improve the user experience.

Laxmichand V, the visionary behind PollHit, emphasizes the platform’s dedication to amplifying voices and promoting unfettered expression. His goal is to establish an inclusive environment where all viewpoints are valued, diversity is embraced, and constructive dialogue flourishes.

From its humble beginnings to becoming a leading platform, PollHit is focused on quality and detail, aspiring to be the hub of informative discussions on a variety of topics.

Inspired by figures like Elon Musk, Laxmichand V is driven by a passion to democratize voices and remains true to his values of tenacity, integrity and community.

PollHit and Laxmichand V advocate inclusivity and dialogue, inspiring aspiring entrepreneurs with their journey and proving that determination, resilience and innovation can lead to success in the digital world.

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