Gauhati HC asks Assam govt to issue notification to set up public land protection cells


In a recent development, the Gauhati High Court has issued a directive to the Assam government, urging them to issue a notification for the establishment of Public Land Protection Cells (PLPCs) in every district across the state. This move aims to effectively address and tackle complaints pertaining to encroachments on government land.

Recognizing the gravity of the issue, the Gauhati High Court emphasized the need for dedicated cells to specifically handle cases of encroachment. By creating PLPCs in each district, the Assam government can strengthen its efforts to protect public land from unauthorized occupation and safeguard the interests of the state and its citizens.

The directive comes as a proactive measure to combat the persistent challenge of encroachment on government land, which has been a pressing concern in Assam. Encroachments not only disrupt the rightful use and management of public land but also have wider implications for the environment, urban planning, and public infrastructure development.

The establishment of PLPCs will ensure a streamlined and efficient mechanism for receiving and addressing complaints related to encroachments. These specialized cells will be tasked with investigating reported cases, taking appropriate legal action against encroachers, and reclaiming encroached government land.

By decentralizing the process and placing dedicated cells at the district level, the court’s directive seeks to expedite the resolution of land encroachment cases, enabling a swift response to citizen complaints. This step is expected to provide a greater sense of security and justice to the people of Assam, reassuring them that their concerns regarding public land encroachments are being actively addressed.

It is now incumbent upon the Assam government to promptly issue the required notification, signaling their commitment to protecting public land and addressing the issue of encroachment. Once the PLPCs are established, they can serve as instrumental bodies in preserving the integrity and rightful use of government land, fostering sustainable development, and maintaining the overall well-being of the state.

As the implementation progresses, it is hoped that the establishment of PLPCs will act as a deterrent to potential encroachers and promote a stronger culture of land conservation. This step is expected to contribute significantly to the preservation of public resources, enhancing governance, and upholding the rule of law in Assam.

It is advisable for interested parties and citizens to stay updated through official channels and relevant government announcements to gain further insights into the formation and functioning of the Public Land Protection Cells in their respective districts.



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