Geneva School of Diplomacy- GSD, Switzerland appoints Education Diplomat Prof (Dr.) Dinesh Sabnis as a University Representative.


In a bid to extend its educational excellence and students intake from the Indian subcontinent & beyond, Geneva School of Diplomacy & International Relations also known as GSD, situated in Switzerland, appoints Dr.Dinesh Sabnis from India as a Representative of the university for the admission intake and its processes.

Dr.Sabnis is Ex. Government official and holds vast experience in multiple topics of Education field such as United Nations fundamentals, SDGs, International Relations and Diplomacy. He has been working with various IGOs & INGOs having consultative status in United Nations for past six years.

The Geneva School of Diplomacy & International Relations was founded by Dr Murphy an experienced diplomat and Ms. Shahenaz Barragan an established entrepreneur, in 2003. GSD opened its doors with, in the first year, eleven Master’s degree students. At the beginning of Year 4 GSD had already educated some 134 students. Numbers have increased each academic year. Some fifteen of GSD’s graduate degree students are serving ambassadors to the United Nations. Among GSD’s honorary doctorates are Seven Presidents/Prime Ministers of a country, five Ministers of a country, one winner of the Nobel Prize for Peace, and several other famous global personalities. It can therefore be understood that while GSD is relatively “new”, its President and faculty are actually long-time well-known figures in the diplomatic world and international community.

The Geneva School of Diplomacy is a small, private university specialized in the teaching of International Relations & Diplomacy and is located in the very heart of the diplomatic world.  GSD is well connected and surrounded with international organizations, missions, and NGO’s.  The small, interactive classes with highly distinguished faculty members, and the many lectures hosted by high profile guest speakers, give GSD students the ability to create a network that can be life-lasting and life-changing. GSD graduates are well possessed academic, vocational, and practical diplomatic skills needed to enter their professional field of preference.

The legal status of GSD is a Société Anonyme incorporated under Swiss Law, authorised by the Department of Private Education of Geneva, and EduQua certified.

As University extends its reach, it aims to bring this wealth of educational opportunities to aspiring learners of India and abroad and Dr.Dinesh Sabnis, will be playing very vital role particularly in creating admissions for the university.

For GSD admissions students can reach Dr.Sabnis on email: [email protected].



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