Gursewak Singh says personal branding is the only key to success in upcoming years


Gursewak Singh’s recent words in an interview reveal ‘personal branding is a key tool to crack success in business’. He says the entire process of personal branding can help an individual build an image or identity in the minds of others that represents an individual’s skills, values, and experiences. It can involve a good understanding and managing one’s reputation and how they are perceived by others, both online and offline.

The young business owner and leader Mr. singh from Punjab continue to say that personal branding is important because it helps in career advancement, establishing credibility and expertise, attracting different opportunities, forming new connections, generating leads, differentiating oneself from others, enhancing reputation and image and much more. He finds self-promotion a big influence in his career success.

Influence of personal branding on his career:

When you go through Gursewak Singh’s entire career timeline, you’ll find that self-marketing, self-promotion and image-building have been the key pillars of his million-dollar companies. Before tasting success, Mr Singh saw a drawback in the success of 3D Imagine Institute of Animation and Multimedia which offered different training programs including graphic designing, VFX, 3D modelling and Industrial software training. His realization of the importance of reputation-building and identity creation gave rise to his two efficient companies.

He recalls how he decided to work harder and wiser to improve the situation. This brought him vast success and prosperity. He advises the coming generations to implement these strategies to stand out. Buyers in the market distinguish a seller from other competition with the help of personal branding. They connect with the seller and build a personal relationship due to the branding of the business.

Personal branding through technology and the internet:

One of the categories that interest Mr Gursewak Singh a lot is technology and the Internet. Technology refers to the tools, methods, and systems used to solve problems and improve human life, including machines, hardware, software, and processes. While the internet is a global network of computers and servers that use standardized communication protocols to exchange information and share resources. Both of them combine together to give endless opportunities to human beings today.

The benefits of technology in business include increased productivity and efficiency, improved communication and collaboration, enhanced customer experience and satisfaction, access to new markets and customers, streamlined and automated processes, competitive advantage and innovation, better data analysis and decision-making, cost savings and improved financial performance.

The benefits of the internet in trade and commerce include increased connectivity and communication, enhanced customer engagement and satisfaction, access to global markets, improved market research and improved market analysis etc.

Gursewak Singh advises that both technology and the internet can help in the personal branding of a business in several ways. Examples of this can be social media presence, websites, video content, audio content (podcasts), virtual events, online courses and influencer marketing. Different mediums can help in different ways like social media presence and website can lead to showcasing the expertise, building a base and informing personal information through portfolios, blogs etc.

In fact, social media presence can today lead to instant arrival on a job position or work profile. It can open doors to massive opportunities like receiving projects from global companies, networking and connecting with the best, fostering brand loyalty, engaging customers, receiving feedback to grab better options and much more.

Other mediums of personal branding can help in providing insights to the audience and building trust. 

On the future and the digital connection of businesses:

Mr. Gursewak Singh wants young business owners to learn different skills on the internet as the future is going to be completely digital for all of us. People are going to get online for both small and large-scale businesses. More and more businesses will come up on the internet in the coming years to sell everything from as little as accessories to as huge as machinery. Online shopping, customer service chatbots, online account management etc are going to increase and he wants to take the focus of the coming generation there. Additionally, AI will make businesses come online even more and help them progress at a faster rate. With the launch of artificial intelligence in various industries, automation, personalization and optimization will peak and only the most skilled and non-replaceable people will gather audiences and consumers of different kinds.

To sum up, personal branding leads to huge success and differentiation in the market. Gursewak Singh’s advice is a priceless conclusion of strategies used by brands in the current scenario to move ahead and generate growth. Personal branding is the key element that a company should proceed to do marketing and promotion.



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