Guwahati Enlightened on Fact-Checking by BOOM Live Event


Guwahati recently played host to a fact-checking workshop titled “Fact-Checking Mel,” organized by BOOM Live, a prominent figure in the battle against misinformation.

Importance of Fact-Checking

The event delved into the pivotal role of fact-checking in today’s journalism landscape, emphasizing the significance of accuracy and objectivity in news reporting.

Renowned journalist Rajeev Bhattacharyya stressed the journalist’s duty to prioritize facts over opinions, particularly during conflicts. He highlighted the dangers of misleading information and advocated for independent verification as the foundation of trustworthy journalism.

Sushmita Goswami, president of the Guwahati Press Club, discussed the real-world ramifications of misinformation, urging journalists to be proactive in fact-checking to combat this menace effectively.

Jency Jacob, Managing Editor at BOOM Live, underscored fact-checking as a crucial skill for journalists, emphasizing the importance of staying updated on the latest tech tools to perform the task effectively.

H R Venkatesh led an interactive session engaging participants in identifying biases and fallacies, emphasizing the necessity of critical thinking for fact-checkers.

Divya Chandra, a fact-checking trainer at BOOM Live, expanded the discussion by highlighting that fact-checking is not exclusive to journalists. She emphasized that everyone who consumes information is susceptible to misinformation and stressed the need for individuals to learn how to verify information themselves.

The event witnessed the launch of the North-East Facts Network, a BOOM Live initiative aimed at bolstering fact-checking efforts in the region. Sabina Yasmin Rahman and Titha Ghosh of BOOM Live coordinated the day’s activities.



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