Guwahati Incident: Young Woman from Dhemaji Found Dead in Apartment


In a somber incident, the lifeless body of a young woman was discovered in her rented apartment in the Hengrabari area of Guwahati, Assam on Sunday. The woman, originally hailing from Assam’s Dhemaji, was found deceased in her residence near Amrit Udyan.

The victim, identified as Anuska Saikia, had been residing in Guwahati for the past year and was employed as a beautician at a nearby salon. The circumstances surrounding her untimely death remain unclear, casting a pall of mystery over the tragic incident.

Anuska Saikia’s Mysterious Death in Guwahati Apartment Under Police Investigation

The Dispur Police was notified of the occurrence and promptly dispatched officers to the scene to recover the body. An investigation has been initiated to unravel the cause of Anuska Saikia’s death. Forensic experts have also arrived at the scene to gather evidence that may shed light on the circumstances leading to the unfortunate event.

Guwahati Incident

The police are diligently exploring all possible angles, including the possibilities of both murder and suicide. The lack of clarity surrounding the incident adds a layer of complexity to the ongoing investigation. Authorities are committed to unraveling the truth behind this unfortunate event and providing closure to the grieving family and community.

The local community is shaken by the sudden loss of a young life, and the incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of understanding and addressing mental health challenges that individuals may face. As the investigation unfolds, the community awaits answers, hoping for a resolution that brings justice and peace in the wake of this tragedy.



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