Progress in Peace Talks: Manipur CM Reveals Ongoing Negotiations with Insurgent Group


Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh disclosed on Sunday the active engagement of his government in peace negotiations with an undisclosed insurgent group operating in the Imphal Valley. The ongoing talks represent the first official confirmation of such dialogues since the eruption of ethnic violence on May 3.

Unveiling Peace Initiatives Amid Ethnic Strife: Manipur CM Signals Hopeful Progress

The identity of Insurgent Group Remains Confidential

While the Chief Minister refrained from revealing the identity of the insurgent group, he emphasized the substantial progress achieved in the discussions. Reports had previously hinted at the government’s dialogue with a faction of the outlawed United National Liberation Front (UNLF).

Complex Ethnic Dynamics in Manipur

The revelation comes against the backdrop of heightened ethnic tensions in Manipur. The violence unfolded on May 3 after a ‘Tribal Solidarity March,’ organized in the hill districts to oppose the demand for Scheduled Tribe (ST) status by the Meitei community. Meiteis, comprising approximately 53% of Manipur’s population and primarily concentrated in the Imphal Valley, have been at the center of this demand. On the other hand, tribals, including Nagas and Kukis, constitute 40% of the population and predominantly reside in the hill districts.

Addressing Root Causes Through Dialogue

With over 180 lives lost since the outbreak of violence, the initiation of peace talks indicates a significant step by the Manipur government to address the root causes of ethnic strife. The complex interplay of ethnic dynamics in the state requires thoughtful dialogue and collaborative efforts to achieve a lasting resolution. The active involvement of the government in negotiations reflects a commitment to finding peaceful solutions amid challenging circumstances.



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