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Has BJP’s Strength in Tripura Brought Left-Congress Hearts Together?


All parties have become active on the ground regarding the Tripura elections. For the first time in this election, the Left has joined hands with the Congress. On the other hand TMC is also going to try its luck. On the other hand, BJP is once again talking about forming a government with absolute majority.

BJP (Tripura Assembly)

There has been an election conflagration in the northeastern state of Tripura. Vigorous campaigning has also been started by all the parties on the gound. On the one hand, there is a challenge before the BJP to save power, while on the other, the Left has a desire to regain its lost fort. While the Congress wants to increase its tally from zero again, the TMC is hoping to play with full gusto. Different preparations are going on for the Tripura elections this time. Such political agreements have also been made in this preparation, which are never seen otherwise.

How did the Congress-Left come together?

Tripura has been a state where BJP formed the government with a thumping majority in the last assembly elections. But this state was ruled by the Left for many years, with the Congress being the main opposition party. Hardly a day went by when there was not a round of accusations and counter-accusations between the Left and the Congress. But now that the electoral equation has changed in Tripura and the BJP is considered to be very powerful, in such a situation the hearts of the Left and the Congress have also joined.

To say, staunch opponents of each other, but have come together to defeat BJP. In this election, the Left is going to contest on 47 seats, while the Congress has been given 13 seats. Now there are many reasons for Congress getting less seats. Firstly, political base in Tripura has been weakening, secondly, his account could not even be opened during the last assembly elections.

Tripura will be divided, who is demanding?

Now Sudip Roy Barman, who came from BJP to Congress, has called the fewer seats a sacrifice. They say these are unpredictable times. Opponents have also joined hands to defeat BJP. Congress is contesting only 13 seats in this election because someone had to change. Sudeep also gave a big political hint. He said that after the election results, an alliance can also be made with Tipra Motha in Tripura. Tipra Motha is a regional party of the state. This is the party which has been talking about the division of Tripura for a long time, wants a separate state. Now the Congress is talking about joining hands with this party, but does not accept the stand of a separate state. Now the Congress is talking about joining hands with this party, but does not accept the stand of a separate state.

CPIM’s experiment with Congress

Congress joined hands with Left in this Tripura election, it is not such a big deal, but Left had to join hands with Congress, it gives a big message. Here winning for CPIM was not considered a big deal. But now since the BJP has become strong on the ground, it has made inroads in many sections, the Left has decided to contest the elections together with the Congress.

Neeharika Deshmukh
Neeharika Deshmukh
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