Haslab Wins Prestigious Excellence in Homoeopathy Award, Pioneering Side Effect-Free Healing Revolution and Elevating the Brand at National Level


In a momentous and exclusive event, Hahnemann Scientific Laboratory India Private Limited (Haslab) has been bestowed with the highly prestigious Excellence in Homoeopathy Award at the esteemed Times Business Awards. This distinguished recognition, presented by the renowned Shri Suresh Kumar Khanna, Cabinet Minister of the Government of Uttar Pradesh, and the illustrious actor and devoted social worker, Pooja Chopra, celebrates Haslabs unwavering commitment to providing exceptional homoeopathic remedies and its profound mission of enabling individuals to live a life without any side effects.

Times Business Award 2023, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

In an enlightening interview with 3EA, a renowned management consulting firm specializing in business development, marketing, and technical expertise, Dr. Amit Rastogi, Managing Director of Haslab, expressed immense pride in receiving the esteemed Excellence in Homoeopathy Award. Dr. Rastogi passionately acknowledged 3EAs invaluable support, highlighting their instrumental role in shaping Haslabs overall business development, implementing impactful marketing strategies, and driving technological advancements. Haslab has been empowered to deliver exceptional products and services, revolutionizing the homoeopathic industry.

Haslab and 3EA promotes Live Life Without Side Effects

Driven by an unyielding belief in the transformative power of homoeopathy, Haslab has consistently delivered safe and reliable solutions to individuals seeking alternative treatments. Their unwavering commitment to the tagline, “Live Life Without Side Effects,” has fueled their relentless pursuit of developing meticulously formulated homoeopathic remedies. This dedication has garnered unrivaled trust, loyalty, and acclaim from countless customers who have experienced the remarkable benefits of Haslabs offerings.

The prestigious Excellence in Homoeopathy Award not only acknowledges Haslabs unwavering commitment to delivering impeccable products and unparalleled services but also cements their position as a pioneering force in ensuring holistic well-being. This remarkable achievement serves as a testament to Haslabs relentless pursuit of excellence in the field of homoeopathy.

As Haslab sets its sights on a future marked by extraordinary growth, they embark on a groundbreaking journey with the unwavering support of 3EA. Together, they envision a world where side-effect-free healing is accessible to all, revolutionizing the homoeopathic landscape. With their combined expertise and dedication, Haslab and 3EA are poised to reshape the industry, providing individuals with transformative healing experiences and empowering them to lead healthier lives.

In this new chapter of unprecedented possibilities, Haslab championing a vision where natural, safe, and holistic healing thrives. Through their collaborative efforts, they are breaking barriers, fostering innovation, and ensuring that the blissful absence of side effects intertwines harmoniously with profound healing.

In conclusion, Haslabs exclusive Excellence in Homoeopathy Award celebrates its steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional homoeopathic remedies and empowering individuals to live a life free from side effects. Haslab is poised to redefine the homoeopathic industry, revolutionizing the way people approach healing and well-being.

Rajpal Yadav in Digesto can digest anything’s Ad

Dr. Amit Rastogi, MD of Haslab and Dr. Vibhor Mishra, CEO of 3EA Limited and Brand Consultant of the company shared in a press conference in Mumbai about their innovative and unique brand positioning strategy for one of the leading and flagship products of the Haslab, ‘Digesto‘. They mentioned that ‘Digesto’ is to be associated with the core need of Digestion. When indigestion and acidity issues are to be discussed, brand ‘Digesto‘ is to be recalled by the target audience. To make the campaign amusing and to develop connect with masses they have signed India’s most sought after bollywood celebrity ‘Rajpal Yadav’.

In the conference, Dr. Amit and Dr. Vibhor Mishra shared the punch line of brand ‘Digesto’ that is ‘Digesto can digest anything’. The story of the brand is based on ‘Food with Emotion’. Three TV advertisements have been produced for the campaign of Digesto which communicate to the audience that whether there is any type of food or even emotion, Digesto can help. This is to be observed that in India consumers use the word Digest for emotions as well and they associate same with appetite. Besides Rajpal Yadav, famous child artist Divyansh Dwivedi, celebrity model and actor Sangeita Chauhaan and rapper/actor Abhineet are also the part of Digesto campaign. Company has very cleverly utilised three actors to connect with three different demographic segments of market: children, youth and masses. Closing lines of all the advertisements spoken by Rajpal Yadav are very catchy and interesting “Burger ho ya bejjati, Digesto can digest anything”, “Aalu ke parathe ho ya atpate sawaal, Digesto can digest anything” and “Chowmein ho ya chaploosi, Digesto can digest anything”. Formally TVCs are being launched on the 18th of July, 2023.





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