Highlander Brigade Plans Football Extravaganza for Offseason


Highlander Brigade, the passionate fan club of Indian Super League team Northeast United FC, is set to make the offseason thrilling with a lineup of football events.

President’s Announcement

Club president Abhishek Lahkar unveiled plans for the 2nd edition of the Ao Sangma Shield football tournament, the All Assam Amateur Community Futsal Tournament, and the HB E-football tournament.

“We are excited to collaborate with the Assam Football Association for these tournaments,” Abhishek said. “Those interested can participate by visiting our website or social media pages.”

Highlander Brigade, made up of students and professionals, aims to revolutionize fan culture in the Northeast. They want to shift from being passive viewers to enthusiastic supporters.

Reflecting on their journey since 2017, Abhishek said, “We started with supporting Northeast United FC. Hosting football tournaments was the next step. After a successful inaugural Ao Sangma Shield last year, we plan to make it bigger this year.”

He emphasized the tournaments’ role in providing a platform for local talent. “Footballers in Assam need more opportunities to compete. Our tournaments aim to fill that gap,” he added.

Vikas Baruah, a founding member, explained the club’s funding. “We rely on membership fees and voluntary contributions. Profits from events go back into promoting football and fan culture.”

Pratyush Bhattacharyya, a student and field team leader, highlighted their recent accomplishments, such as unveiling Asia’s largest handmade tifo during a match against Mumbai City FC. “We also support social causes, like helping flood victims and promoting sports personalities like Mirabai Chanu,” he said.

Arnab Pathak, a field team leader, shared his experience organizing the Ao Sangma Shield tournament. “It was challenging but rewarding. We’ve learned a lot and plan to make this year’s edition even better,” he said.



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