HNLC Threat: Meghalaya MLA Gavin Mylliem’s Security Boosted


In response to threats issued by the Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC) against NPP MLA Gavin Miguel Mylliem concerning the closure of Mawmluh Cherra Cement Limited (MCCL), the Meghalaya Government has escalated security arrangements for the legislator.

Security Enhancement After Threats

Reports confirm that a case has been filed against HNLC for threatening the sitting legislator. In response to the explicit threat, the government opted to bolster the MLA’s security.

HNLC’s Ultimatum and Govt Condemned for Unemployment

HNLC issued a death threat to MLA Gavin Miguel Mylliem, attributing him responsibility for the MCCL shutdown. The banned outfit demanded his resignation, warning of accountability if he refused. The statement from HNLC reads, “Traitors of the people should be punished with death.”

Expressing dissatisfaction with the government’s actions, HNLC condemned what they deemed an “ill motive” of leaving Sohra’s people unemployed. Allegations were made, questioning the government’s ability to manage the state effectively.

Economic Concerns for Meghalaya

The statement by HNLC raised economic concerns for Meghalaya, highlighting its ranking as the second-poorest state in India with the second-lowest per capita income. The outfit warned of potential conflicts over land and jobs between indigenous and non-indigenous populations.

Recruitment Offer by HNLC

In an unexpected move, HNLC extended an offer to MCCL employees affected by the closure, inviting them to join the outfit. The offer includes a monthly salary of Rs 25,000 for individuals below 45 years of age who undergo basic military training and show commitment to HNLC’s cause and ideology.



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