IMD Warns of Rain and Gusts in Kamrup Metro, Assam


The India Meteorological Department (IMD) in Guwahati has issued a weather forecast predicting the onset of thunderstorms with lightning, accompanied by gusty winds and periods of light to moderate rain, in certain isolated areas of the Kamrup Metropolitan and West Karbi Anglong districts of Assam. These weather conditions are anticipated to develop within the next three hours, prompting authorities to advise caution and preparedness among residents.

The IMD’s alert underscores the potential risks associated with severe weather phenomena, particularly thunderstorms and gusty winds, which have the potential to cause property damage and pose hazards to public safety. Lightning strikes, in particular, can be dangerous, and it is crucial for individuals to take appropriate precautions to avoid exposure to such risks.

Local authorities and disaster management agencies are likely to be on high alert, monitoring the situation closely and coordinating response efforts to ensure the safety and well-being of residents in the affected areas. Precautionary measures may include disseminating weather advisories through public announcements, activating emergency response mechanisms, and deploying personnel to assist those in need.

Residents are advised to stay indoors and avoid unnecessary travel during adverse weather conditions. If outdoor activities are unavoidable, individuals should seek shelter in sturdy structures and avoid taking refuge under trees or in open areas where they may be exposed to lightning strikes. Additionally, securing loose objects and ensuring the integrity of rooftops and structures can help mitigate the risk of damage caused by strong winds.

In preparation for the forecasted weather event, residents are encouraged to take proactive measures such as stocking up on essential supplies, securing outdoor belongings, and keeping emergency contact numbers readily accessible. It is essential to remain vigilant and follow any directives or advisories issued by local authorities to ensure personal safety and minimize the impact of adverse weather conditions.

As the IMD continues to monitor and update its forecasts, residents are urged to stay informed through official channels and refrain from spreading unverified information or rumors. By staying informed, remaining vigilant, and taking appropriate precautions, individuals can help mitigate the potential risks associated with inclement weather and ensure their safety and well-being.



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