Imphal Lawyers Protest Against Security Forces in Manipur Crisis


Lawyers in Imphal West district of conflict-ridden Manipur took a stand on Wednesday (February 21) by abstaining from their duties and staging a sit-in protest within the Cheirap court complex premises. The demonstration, organized by the All Manipur Bar Association (AMBA) and High Court Bar Association (HCBA), aimed to condemn the alleged excesses committed by security forces in Manipur.

Demands for Inquiry and Enhanced Security

Following the protest within the court complex, representatives of the associations issued statements demanding the initiation of a magisterial inquiry, led by a retired magistrate, to investigate the incidents that transpired within the complex. They further called for enhanced security measures within the court complex within a week.

The protest stems from clashes between demonstrators and law enforcement personnel on Tuesday (February 20). Security forces reportedly used Tasers and smoke bombs to disperse the protesters during the confrontation. The clashes were related to an arms looting case, leading to the remand of six alleged suspects into judicial custody for 15 days.

B Supriya, vice-president of AMBA, expressed concern over the authorization for the use of tear gas shells and Tasers, even within the court complex premises. The unprecedented scenes at the Cheirap Court complex in Manipur on Tuesday disrupted the normal atmosphere, raising concerns among legal professionals.

The lawyers’ protest highlights the ongoing tensions in Manipur and the call for a thorough investigation into the incidents that unfolded within the court complex.



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