Increase In Incidents Of Theft


In Agartala, the residents are getting scared from the theft and dacoit incidents taking place in their locality citizens are having sleepless nights due to this horrific incident in their locality.

Citizens say they no longer want to be dependent on police security, the locals have taken up the responsibility of themselves for guarding the locality at night.

Police have failed to provide security to the residents and have not caught the thieves and dacoits this has increased the fear among the citizens and are not able to trust the police for safeguarding them.

The conclusion made in this case by the local residents is that they will be inspecting every suspicious vehicle at night and will be enquiring them about the reasons.

It’s really commendable that people are taking steps for not only themselves but for their friends and families so that they can sleep safely, unworried and satisfied.

The local resident addresses their initiative by saying “We are in constant feat due to raising cases of crime at some areas of Agartala. During the night, a group of young people from our locality keep a strong vigil on every activity.”