India-Bangladesh Border Hut in Sabroom to Re-Open After 3 Years Due to Pandemic Closure


The India-Bangladesh border hut in Sabroom sub-division Srinagar is set to reopen on May 9 after being closed for almost three years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The decision was made at a meeting of the Joint Border Hut Management Committee held at Belonia Muhuri Ghat in South District on Wednesday, which was attended by representatives from both countries. It was agreed that 27 vendors from each country would be allowed to sell goods at the border hut, with plans to increase the number to 30. Additionally, 2,700 customers within five kilometers of the border hut will be given an ID card to access the market. The border hut will open every Tuesday from 10 am till 4 pm, and a total of 2,400 buyers from both countries will be able to shop at each haat. Fifty more people from both countries will also be allowed to go to the border hut to meet their relatives in the other country. The meeting also discussed issues around improving the border hut for the benefit of people from both countries, including building separate toilets for women and increasing the height of the canopies of market stalls to prevent rainwater from falling on vendors and customers. The reopening of the border hut is expected to boost trade and commerce between India and Bangladesh.



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