Insulated Road Milk Tanker Launched, Boosting Dairy Development in Agartala

Tripura ministers

In a momentous event held at the Gomati Dairy Compound today, the Minister for Animal Resource Development, Sudhangshu Das, along with the Minister for Co-operative, Shukla Charan Noatia, and the Chairman of the Milk Producers Union, Samir Chandra Das, flagged off an insulated road milk tanker (IRMT) as part of the central National Programme for Dairy Development Project (NPDDP). The acquisition of this tanker, valued at Rs 29 lakhs, marks a significant milestone in the region’s dairy sector, as it has the capacity to carry up to 5 thousand litres of milk.

The introduction of the IRMT addresses a major concern faced by the dairy industry, namely the spoilage of milk during transportation. This specially designed tanker ensures that the quality standards and temperature of the milk remain intact and uncontaminated throughout its journey from various parts of the state to Agartala Dairy. Previously, the department had been troubled by the significant loss of milk due to unregulated temperatures during transportation. However, with the implementation of the IRMT, this concern is expected to be neutralized.

The IRMT will facilitate the collection and transportation of milk from distant locations to Agartala Dairy without compromising its quality. Milk will now be sourced from places as far as Melaghar in Sepahijala and Kamalpur in Dhalai, and transported to Agartala’s Gomati Centre at Indranagar. The availability of a reliable and efficient transportation system will undoubtedly contribute to the overall growth and profitability of the dairy industry.

Minister Sudhangshu Das and Minister Shukla Charan Noatia expressed their confidence in the success of the centrally sponsored programme and called upon the workers and officials of Agartala Dairy and Gomati Milk Union to dedicate their efforts towards achieving this goal. They emphasized that the programme’s success would pave the way for further expansion and help the state become self-reliant in all aspects.

The implementation of the NPDDP and the launch of the IRMT represent a significant step towards transforming the dairy sector in Agartala. With improved transportation capabilities, milk producers can now confidently supply their products to Agartala Dairy, ensuring a consistent and reliable source of raw material for the production of various dairy products. This development is expected to boost profits and create new opportunities for the Gomati Centre, leading to economic growth and self-sufficiency in the state.



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