International Tea Day: 200 years of Assam tea celebrated in Guwahati


Guwahati, the bustling city of Assam, came alive with vibrant festivities as the Guwahati Tea Auction Centre (GTAC) celebrated International Tea Day with great fervor on Sunday. The event marked a significant milestone in the tea industry, commemorating the remarkable 200-year journey of Assam tea.

The GTAC, a renowned hub for tea trade in the region, was adorned with colorful decorations, exuding an ambiance of joy and excitement. Tea enthusiasts, industry professionals, and tea connoisseurs from various parts of the world gathered to partake in the grand celebration.

The event began with a ceremonious inauguration, graced by esteemed dignitaries and officials from the tea industry. Representatives of tea estates, tea brokers, and tea traders added a touch of grandeur to the occasion.

The celebration showcased the rich history and cultural heritage of Assam tea through captivating exhibitions and displays. Exhibits highlighted the evolution of tea production techniques, the journey of Assam tea from its inception to its current global prominence, and the significant contributions of tea planters and workers in shaping the industry.

One of the highlights of the event was a captivating tea tasting session, where participants had the opportunity to savor the distinct flavors and aromas of Assam tea. Experienced tea sommeliers guided attendees through the intricacies of tea tasting, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of the beverage.

To pay homage to the diligent tea workers, the celebration included mesmerizing cultural performances that showcased traditional dances, music, and art forms from the region. These captivating displays enthralled the audience and served as a reminder of the cultural vibrancy deeply intertwined with the tea industry.

The GTAC also organized engaging seminars and interactive sessions where experts shared their knowledge and insights on tea cultivation, processing techniques, and market trends. These discussions provided a platform for industry professionals to exchange ideas, fostering innovation and growth in the tea sector.

As a testament to the legacy of Assam tea, the event concluded with a tea auction, an integral part of the Guwahati Tea Auction Centre’s operations. Participants actively bid on premium teas, demonstrating the continued demand and value of Assam tea in the global market.

The International Tea Day celebrations in Guwahati served as a remarkable tribute to the 200-year journey of Assam tea. It celebrated the resilience and dedication of tea growers, workers, and enthusiasts who have contributed to the success of this iconic beverage. The event not only showcased the rich heritage of Assam tea but also highlighted its significance in the region’s economy and cultural identity.

Throughout the festivities, participants had the opportunity to learn about the intricate process of tea production. Exhibitions displayed the various stages of tea cultivation, from planting and plucking to processing and packaging. Attendees gained insights into the meticulous techniques employed by tea workers to ensure the production of high-quality teas.

The cultural performances captivated the audience, representing the diversity of Assam’s cultural heritage. Traditional dances like the Bihu dance, performed with great enthusiasm and vigor, added an element of excitement to the celebration. Folk music performances showcased the lyrical beauty of Assamese songs, further immersing attendees in the rich cultural tapestry of the region.

Seminars and interactive sessions brought together experts, scholars, and enthusiasts to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the tea industry. Topics ranged from sustainable tea cultivation practices and organic farming to emerging trends in tea consumption and marketing strategies. The exchange of knowledge and ideas fostered a sense of collaboration and innovation among the tea community.



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