Introducing Bartr: The Revolutionary Reward-Based Opinion and Idea Sharing App


Bartr, a groundbreaking platform, is set to redefine the landscape of opinion sharing and prediction markets. Launching soon on Android, Bartr aims to empower users by providing a unique space where diverse opinions meet in a mutually agreeable exchange, offering an innovative approach to earning rewards.

Bartr’s platform covers a wide array of topics, including sports, education, politics, movies, economy, and commerce, fostering engaging conversations among users with differing perspectives. Through its prediction market model, Bartr allows participants to put their views at a mutually agreeable price, creating a dynamic marketplace where users can predict the outcomes of real-world events.

How does it work? Bartr matches a user’s opinion to a counter opinion, and the ultimate success or failure depends on the alignment with the real-life event. Participants who accurately predict outcomes stand to win rewards, adding an exciting incentive to the platform.

“Bartr is more than just a prediction market; it’s a platform that gives voice to the true opinions and emotions of the people of India. We believe in fostering open and respectful dialogue while providing an opportunity for users to engage in meaningful conversations,” said Sachin Modak (, the visionary behind Bartr.

As one of the early evangelizers of event-focused reward platforms for mass users, Bartr is entering a nascent stage in India. The platform’s Predict & Earn feature encourages users to decide, predict, and rise, creating an immersive experience that goes beyond traditional opinion-sharing apps.

Bartr serves a valuable purpose in the digital landscape, providing a space for users to engage in insightful discussions, make predictions, and earn rewards based on their ability to anticipate real-world outcomes.

The app is set to launch soon, promising an exciting and rewarding experience for Android users. For more information and to stay updated on Bartr’s official launch, visit and follow us on

About Bartr:
Bartr is a forward-thinking platform that revolutionizes opinion sharing through a reward-based model. By merging prediction markets with engaging conversations, Bartr empowers users to predict real-world events, fostering open dialogue and providing an opportunity to earn rewards. Launching soon on Android, Bartr is poised to redefine the way people share and value opinions in India.



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