Inventions by students at ‘MuseVention’


‘MuseVention’, the most eagerly awaited event will take place in India for the first time ever. This is an event where young inventors and innovators will showcase their brilliant creations to the world. The event is organized by International STEAM Research (ISR LIFE, USA), a leading organization that promotes STEAM education and 21st century skills among school students. The event will be held at the Science City, Kolkata on 22nd December, 2023 in collaboration with Our Lady Queen of the Missions School, Park Circus, Kolkata, India.

‘MuseVention’ is not just an event, it is a celebration of creativity, curiosity, and collaboration. It is a platform where students who have been learning through ISR STEAM Experiential Learning for the past two years, will compete by presenting their inventions and innovations that solve real-world problems using futuristic technologies such as IOT, AI, Robotics, Design Thinking etc. These students have been trained to be Life-Long Learners and Mindful Problem-Solvers by ISR STEAM experts.

“We are proud to empower and mentor these young minds to be Future-Ready. Our ISR programme aligns with the National Education Policy and helps schools to holistically develop Problem-Solvers through enquiry and research-based, hands-on Sustainable STEAM Experiential Learning. We also contribute to 8 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations by fostering a culture of responsible invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship among students.” said Dr. George Panicker, Founder and CEO of ISR.

This event will truly live up to the STEAM Anthem which is:

We are the STEAM team,

For a better world, we dream;

We work in a TEAM,

We integrate with STEAM;

Our strength is communication,

Problems we solve through collaboration;

Critically we think,

For our team to be in sync;

We are the STEAM team,

For a better world, we dream;

We are mindful and curious,

For us our world is precious;

We are life-long learners,

We are the 21st-century builders;

For knowledge, we search,

We engage in research;

We are the STEAM team,

For a better world we dream;

Our learnings are Experiential,

For us STEAM is special;

We are agile and adaptable,

We are Future-Ready and capable.

We are the STEAM team,

For a better world we dream.

‘MuseVention’ will be a grand event with around 1000 school students participating. It will be an opportunity for them to showcase their talents, network with mentors and eminent personalities and continue to inspire as well as be inspired.



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