IPFT Meets with Opposition Party TIPRA to Jointly Participate in Elections in Tripura


In response to calls from the powerful tribal-based Tipura Indigenous Progressive Regional Alliance (TIPRA) party, the ruling BJP’s ally, the Indigenous Front of Tripura (IPFT), will fight together for the February 16 general elections. decided. – Tribal development and security. Agreed to discuss.

Tripura Election BJP VS IPFT

IPFT Labor Commissioner and Minister of State Prem Kumar Reang said in a letter to TIPRA chief executive and former royal scion Pradyot Bikram Manikya Deb Burman: Greater.”Tipraland.” IPFT and he appreciates the suggestion to combine TIPRA in some way to solve existential problems.

According to TIPRA sources, the leaders of both parties will meet soon to discuss strategies for participating in elections together. Deb Berman said that TIPRA, IPFT and all other like-minded parties will vote in the upcoming general elections for the cause of the tribesmen who make up a third of Tripura’s over 4 million inhabitants. said that they could fight together under a common symbol.

Deb Berman said most political parties and their leaders fight for status and power and we fight for the development and protection of tribal people and their future. The TIPRA chief who spoke said that for Tripura in general and the tribe in particular, all like-minded communities should come together.

The leaders had gone to Delhi after the election, but the backward and impoverished people of Tripura are bearing the brunt. While Assam, Mizoram and other northeastern states have developed, Tripura lags.

TIPRA is now governed by the TTAADC, which consists of 30 politically significant members. This TTAADC controls two-thirds of Tripura’s area of ​​10,491 km² and is home to more than 12,16,000 people, about 84% of whom are tribal. The BJP joined power with the tribal party IPFT in his 2018 general election, and in two stages (1978-1988 and 1993-2018) he ruled the Northeast for 35 years. Defeated the CPI-M-led left-wing party ruled the state.



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