Jus Jumpin | Spreads Joy To Kids Across India With 9 Thrilling Outlets – More On The Way!


The company, now with nine thriving outlets in India, stands committed to delivering fun-filled experiences. By March, they’re set to open more new spots, spreading joy to kids and creating delightful family moments. Get ready for an exciting expansion ahead!

Vision Of Jus Jumpin

In 2017, Sumit Bathwal and Shikha Bathwal embarked on their entrepreneurial journey with the inception of Jus Jumpin. Watching closely, they noticed the sheer happiness kids felt while having fun and playing games. Recognizing the connection between children’s joy and parental happiness, the duo aimed to spread happiness throughout India. Their vision has evolved over time, with Jus Jumpin now expanding its offerings to include venues catering not only to children but also to adults seeking amusement on trampolines paired with delicious fare from in-house restaurants.

Children Activities Provided At Jus Jumpin

Trampoline Thrills: Get ready for high-flying, energetic fun that keeps kids active and smiling all day long!

Wall Target Game: Join in on the colorful action, learn teamwork, and boost hand-eye coordination with our exciting game!

Iron Hanging Bridge: Test your balance and coordination skills as you navigate our thrilling shaky bridge – tons of fun for everyone!

Interactive Sandpit: Explore creativity while learning shapes and numbers with our projected sandpit games – drawing, playing, and learning all at once!

Unforgettable Birthdays: Celebrate your child’s special day with us! With delightful decorations, delicious food, and a variety of engaging activities, we’re the perfect place for an amazing birthday celebration!

Jumpin’ Joy for Adults

Jus Jumpin Trampoline park  already unveiled the biggest trampoline park in eastern India, spanning across a massive 15,000 square feet area. This one won’t just cater to kids – adults are invited to dive into the excitement too! With thrilling trampoline adventures awaiting, grown-ups can now join in the fun. But that’s not all; there’s more to this experience than bouncing around. You can savor delicious food and groove to live music played by an in-house DJ, making unforgettable memories at Jus Jumpin Trampoline Park  that aren’t just for the little ones but for adults too.

Outlets Of Jus Jumpin

Jus Jumpin Avani

Jus Jumpin City Centre 2

Jus Jumpin ABC Square ( for adults )

Jus Jumpin Durgapur

Jus Jumpin GIP Mall

Jus Jumpin Jamshedpur

Jus Jumpin Mahagun

Jus Jumpin Surat

Jus Jumpin Nagpur



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