Kanika Tekriwal At Age Of 32 Owns 10 Private Jets


Kanika Tekriwal is the founder of JetSetGo, a plane aggregator startup that operates, manages and flies chartered planes and helicopters for owners. She is also called the Uber of the Indian skies, JetSetGo’s journey began in the year 2012 intending to make private flying more accessible, transparent, economical, and efficient for everyone.
She founded an aviation based startup at the age of 22. She owns 10 private jets at the age of 32. She has also had her fair share of struggles being one of the few women working in the industry.
“I had the idea brewing in my head for close to three years or so, but when I took out my sketch board and started working on it, I was diagnosed with cancer, which set me back by a year. Luckily for me, nobody else in the country had gotten around to doing something similar until I finished treatment or until now” says Kanika.
The startup is now pioneering air taxis with intra-city connectivity in India using electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. It uses a mix of tech, unique maintenance procedures, and SMART management — all of which are developed by proprietary properties of JetSetGo.