Karbi Anglong Administration Holds Meeting with Church Leaders to Address Community Concerns

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The Karbi Anglong district administration in Assam recently held a crucial meeting with church leaders from various denominations. The meeting, which took place on May 14, 2024, aimed to allay fears and clarify misconceptions that have been causing anxiety among the Christian community in the district.

The district, home to a diverse population, has witnessed rising tensions over the past few months, primarily due to misinformation and rumors regarding religious freedoms and land ownership issues. The administration’s proactive engagement with church leaders signifies a strategic move to build trust and ensure communal peace.

Deputy Commissioner Mukesh Rajan, who chaired the meeting, emphasized the administration’s commitment to safeguarding the rights and freedoms of all religious communities. He addressed various concerns raised by the church leaders, including the protection of places of worship, the safety of religious minorities, and the equitable implementation of land laws.

“We are here to assure you that the administration stands with every community in Karbi Anglong. Our priority is to maintain harmony and address any grievances promptly. Misinformation should not drive a wedge between communities that have coexisted peacefully for decades,” Rajan said.

The meeting saw participation from prominent church leaders representing the Baptist, Catholic, and Presbyterian communities, among others. Reverend Samuel Jyrwa, a leading figure in the local Baptist church, expressed appreciation for the administration’s initiative. He highlighted the importance of such dialogues in dispelling fears and promoting mutual understanding.

“One of the main issues has been the spread of false information regarding the supposed targeting of Christian institutions. Today’s meeting has been reassuring, as we have received clear assurances from the administration about their commitment to protect our rights and properties,” Reverend Jyrwa stated.

During the discussion, Deputy Commissioner Rajan outlined several measures the administration has taken to ensure the safety and security of religious minorities. These include enhanced police patrolling around places of worship, setting up a special grievance redressal cell, and organizing community outreach programs to promote interfaith dialogue.

Superintendent of Police, Anita Sharma, who was also present at the meeting, elaborated on the security measures. She emphasized the importance of community cooperation in maintaining law and order. “Our police force is dedicated to protecting every citizen. We urge community leaders to report any suspicious activities or threats immediately so that prompt action can be taken,” Sharma said.

The church leaders were particularly concerned about land ownership issues, as rumors had been circulating about potential government encroachments on church properties. In response, the district administration clarified that there are no plans to appropriate land belonging to religious institutions and that any development projects will be conducted transparently and with community consultation.

To further build confidence, the administration proposed the formation of a joint committee comprising local government officials, church representatives, and community leaders. This committee will meet regularly to address any emerging issues and ensure continuous communication between the administration and the Christian community.

The church leaders welcomed this proposal, seeing it as a constructive step towards sustained dialogue and cooperation. Father Thomas Mathew, a Catholic priest, expressed hope that this initiative would pave the way for lasting peace and understanding in the district.

“The formation of a joint committee is a positive development. It will provide a platform for us to voice our concerns and work collaboratively with the administration to find solutions. We believe this will help in preventing misunderstandings and fostering a spirit of unity,” Father Mathew remarked.

The meeting concluded on a hopeful note, with both the administration and church leaders committing to work together to maintain the district’s harmony. The church leaders pledged to spread the message of peace and cooperation within their communities, urging members to rely on verified information and report any grievances through the appropriate channels.

As Karbi Anglong moves forward, the collaborative efforts between the administration and religious leaders will be crucial in ensuring that the district remains a beacon of communal harmony and mutual respect. The proactive steps taken in this meeting are expected to set a precedent for addressing similar concerns in other parts of Assam and beyond.



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