Kharge Calls for Swift Action: Demands Accountability Over Assault


Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge has called for action from the union government following reports of an alleged “physical assault” on Manipur Congress chief K Meghachandra by members of Arambai Tenggol, described as “an armed Meitei militant group,” in Imphal on January 24.

Meghachandra reportedly faced the assault during a meeting convened by Arambai Tenggol at Kangla Fort in Imphal to discuss the state’s crisis. Expressing concern, Kharge wrote to Union Home Minister Amit Shah, criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s perceived silence and inaction regarding the incident. In his letter, Kharge urged Shah to take immediate steps to restore democracy and the rule of law in Manipur.

During the Kangla Fort meeting, at least three MLAs, including two from the ruling BJP, were allegedly subjected to physical abuse and verbal harassment by members of Arambai Tenggol.

According to one Manipur MLA present at the meeting, the MLAs faced violence when they refused to comply with the group’s demands.

The MLA highlighted the fear among legislators, stating that dissent could lead to attacks on their homes.

Despite objections and heated arguments, the MLAs ultimately yielded to the group’s demands due to fear and intimidation.

A significant number of Manipur MLAs and both of the state’s MPs attended the meeting, where they pledged to safeguard the state’s integrity in response to the group’s summons. This incident raises concerns about the safety of political representatives and the state of democracy in Manipur.



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